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E - Bike

Knaap Bikes – The ultimate 2 seater E-Bike

• Ride the Coolest e-bike whilst looking Hot as Hell

• Revolutionise your Ride

• Make the Everyday Great Again

• Knaap Bikes – Making the Everyday Great Again

• Do the Commute whilst Looking Hot as Hell

• Not all Eco-warriors ride push bikes / You don’t have to wear a cape to save the planet

Add adventure to your everyday with the Knaap Bikes AMS, guaranteed to kick your urban travel up a gear and revolutionise your ride.

e-bike large tire

Knaap Bikes are a Dutch e-bike brand cornering the market of cool with a bike that turns heads and starts conversations wherever it cruises.

Standing out from the crowd with its urban design and unique two-seater base, the Knaap Bike AMS provides a one-of-a kind ride, roomy enough for two.

Complementing the bikes stand-out design is the well thought out spec providing the power to reach up to 25 km/h and the freedom to cruise 140 kms in one charge, without the need for a license.

With so much to shout about, it’s easy to see why the bike is a HUGE hit with cycle enthusiasts and urban riders alike and has been making noise as THE bike of choice for leading sports stars and high-profile names worldwide.

If you are you on the hunt for an e-bike that combines style with substance and want to revolutionise your ride whilst reducing your effects on the planet, all whilst looking as hot-as-hell……

Then your search is over!

Knaap Bikes is the stylish solution transforming the everyday into epic and answering the call of the urban adventurer in us all.